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Embark on a visual journey through the lens of my extensive 18-year career as a senior graphic designer, photographer and art director. My portfolio encapsulates a rich catologue of creativity, showcasing a myriad of projects where design, photography, and art direction converge to tell compelling stories and shape captivating visual narratives.


Greater Phoenix
is Poppin'


Art direction, branding & photography

As the art director for Greater Phoenix Economic Council's year-end celebration, I was tasked with establishing the overall event brand experience. The result was an award-winning immersive experience that still lingers in the minds of attendees.

Gold Site Bug.png
MarCom Gold Award Winner for Special Event Branding

Annual Report


Art direction, design, photography & videography

Revamping the traditional annual report format, I spearheaded the transformation from a static printed document to a dynamic interactive website. This redesign not only enhances accessibility and engagement but also seamlessly integrates multimedia elements, providing stakeholders with an immersive and informative digital experience.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 9.04.37 PM.png
Convening the Community Banner-01.jpg


Convening the community

Art direction, design & photography

Convening the Community was a two-part event series, bringing together leaders from both the public and private sectors in Greater Phoenix. The central objective was to set goals for the future economic growth of the region by capitalizing on the strengths of its prominent industries.

AMA Spectrum Award Winner for Special Event Collaterol 

Integrated Campaign

Art direction, design & photography

#CAStruggles was a targeted multi-faceted campaign the GPEC team executed in the Bay Area to drive companies to evaluate the challenges of doing business in California verses the advantages of doing business in Greater Phoenix.

AZIMA Mastery Award for an Integrated Business Campaign
CAstruggles Postcard_Front.jpg
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