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Roles & Responsibilities

Project Oversight:

Colleen Schwab, VP Marketing & Communications

Art Direction, Design & Photography:

Stefanie Carson

Marketing & Communications Support:

Lindsay Hahn, Leah Goldberg & Claire Demirjian,

Research Analysis:

Anthony Rodriguez

Integrated Campaign

AZIMA Mastery Award for an Integrated Business Campaign

Executive Summary

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is charged with putting Greater Phoenix on the map and attracting businesses that will bring high-value jobs to the region. As 30% of our business attraction pipeline originates from the California market, it is crucial to remain relevant and dispel misconceptions about our region.


Originating as a singular concept, it transformed into a thorough integrated marketing campaign lasting 18 weeks. Rather than depending on conventional marketing avenues, we played to our strengths and embraced creativity. The team's ingenuity was subsequently acknowledged with an AZIMA Mastery Award for an Integrated Business Campaign.

By the Numbers

The campaign generated over 2.1B media impressions with 80+ local and national media placements, including live coverage on Fox Business’ Varney & Co. and a piece in Inc. Magazine. Our @CAstruggles Twitter handle amassed over 176K followers (85% of which were located in California) and 1.9M social impressions.


Media Impressions


Twitter Followers


Social Impressions

Project Timeline

February 2019

April 2019

May 2019

June 2019

June 2019

August 2019

August 2019

Designing the Car Wrap

Project launched. We initially asked the car wrap vendor to provide us with design concepts for the car wrap. After several rounds of revisions with their team, it became evident that they were not fully grasping our vision or brand. Consequently, we opted to handle the design internally, assigning me the task of creating the car wrap. Leveraging my familiarity with the brand and a deep understanding of the campaign, I was able to refine a design that resonated with the team, capturing the desired tone and vibe.

Vendor Samples

The Final Design


After finalizing the car design, I commenced the creation of other essential elements to ensure a unified experience throughout the campaign. The foundational GPEC red color was employed to connect it with our parent brand, while additional tertiary colors were introduced to maintain a distinctive standalone brand feel.

Campaign Logo


Banner Header

CAstruggles Header.jpg
CAstruggles Logo_800px.png

Designing the Microsite

Designing the microsite involved carefully crafting a concise and visually engaging online platform that effectively communicated the key information and provided a user-friendly experience, ensuring the site aligned with the overall branding and campaign.

CAstruggles Landpage.jpg

Designing the Media Kit

The team assembled a media kit that blended creativity and information, dispatched to various news outlets to generate buzz for the campaign. An ingenious touch was the inclusion of a detachable acrylic magnet, mirroring the wrapped cars deployed across the Bay Area, serving as a clever and memorable leave-behind.

CAstruggles Car.png

Postcard Front

CAstruggles Postcard_Front.jpg

Postcard Back

CAstruggles Postcard2.jpg

4 Pager - Cover

4 Pager - Inside Spread

4 Pager - Back Cover

CAstruggles_CA vs AZ_4 pager_Page_4.jpg

PR Letter

CAstruggles_PR letter2.jpg
CAstruggles_PR letter.jpg

Media Coverage

We sent the media kits one week prior to the cars launching and then followed up with traditional emails and calls to connect with media reps.  When the cars hit the streets on June 19, 2019, we were in northern CA with a full day of media lined up.

[Click slider for additional photos]

SF Times Article.jpg

Targeted Digital Ads

The 24 custom wrapped cars captured mobile device IDs if you were standing within 50 feet of the cars. We used these IDs to then serve targeted digital ads.  

CAStruggles Wrapify Digital Ads.jpg

Comprehensive Advertising Blitz

Our strategy involved orchestrating a fleet of wrapped cars to circulate around the perimeter of the VMWorld conference center. In addition, energetic sidewalk sign spinners were strategically positioned at every corner around the conference center, complemented by an airplane-towed banner flying overhead. Recognizing that the conference attendees constituted a concentrated segment of our target audience, we aimed to maximize visibility and impact.

Social Graphics

To sustain the campaign's momentum, we developed a set of graphics designed to consistently emphasize the benefits of living and conducting business in Greater Phoenix.

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