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Convening the Community Banner-01.jpg

Roles & Responsibilities

Project Oversight:

Colleen Schwab, SVP Marketing & Communications

Art Direction, Design & Photography:

Stefanie Carson

Marketing & Communications Support:

Lindsay Hahn, Leah Goldberg & Claire Demirjian

Research Analysis:

Anthony Rodriguez

conviening the community

AMA Spectrum Award Winner for Special Event Collateral 

Executive Summary

In 2021, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) brought together leaders from both the public and private sectors in the community for a two-part series to collectively envision a dynamic future for the region. Together, they defined economic growth objectives and identified market specializations that leverage local strengths, aiming to establish economic resilience for future generations.

My goal was to create a distinctive brand for the series, that mirrored the enthusiasm and passion of the initiative. I was also mindful that it needed to work harmoniously with the GPEC brand while maintaining its own uniqueness that could be adopted by the broader community.

By the Numbers

GPEC collaborated with community, civic, and business leaders to chart a course for future economic growth in the region. The influence within the community among those involved in the video and event series extends well beyond mere impressions.




Unique Website Users


Higher Average View Times

Project Timeline

October 2021

November 2021

December 2021

A logo for the series was created first, followed by assets that could be pulled into the background to tie all the material together. The design took a deliberate approach to color selection, with red tying the GPEC brand to the overall campaign while also conveying confidence, passion, authority and strength and a teal-blue denoting feelings of innovation, electricity, energy and intentionality.

CTC Logo.jpg

I created the banner below specifically for use as the header on the Splash page, which we employed for event registrations. This played a vital role as it served as the initial presentation of the event branding. The design of the banner was crafted with subsequent collateral pieces in consideration.

Convening the Community Banner-01.jpg

The 5x7 postcard I designed highlighted key information, providing attendees with a concise summary of the event's key details.

Event Signage

Carefully crafted event signage forms attendees' initial impressions of the event. Few experiences are more disheartening than arriving at an event and feeling confused or frustrated due to uncertainty about where to go. Maintaining consistency in the design of banners with the event branding facilitates swift recognition, ensuring attendees know they are in the correct location. Placing signage from parking to registration further guarantees that your guests navigate to their destinations seamlessly.

Convening the Community Event Signs.jpg
Convening the Community Event Signs2.jpg
Convening the Community Event Signs3.jpg

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Event Slide Presentation

The PowerPoint presentation design aimed to ensure that each slide not only visually complemented the narrative but also sparked audience interest, fostering a connection that enhanced the overall impact of the presentation.


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Event Photography

I photographed the event using my Canon 5D Mark IV, mounted with a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM lens. My goal was to capture the energy and natural interaction of the attendees, with the resulting images slated for posting on our various social channels.

Social Graphics

After the event, I created 10 sets of carousel graphics tailored for Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. These graphics spotlighted each of the Economic Imperatives emphasized during the event, extending the conversation well beyond its conclusion.

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