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Roles & Responsibilities

Project Oversight:

Serena Remy, VP Marketing & Communications

Art Direction, Design & Photography:

Stefanie Carson

Content Support:

Logan Newman, Leah Goldberg, Jessica Daley

Research Support:

Jairus Gallegos

The DRip campaign

Executive Summary

In executing this omni-channel campaign, our objective was to debunk the myths surrounding Arizona's water policy. We achieved this by distilling real-time data, comprehensive reports from expert organizations and researchers, and transforming it into a socially shareable campaign, disseminated across all our social media channels.

By the Numbers

The GPEC team accomplished numerous goals in FY23. Though our MarComm team may be small, our impact is undoubtedly significant. Below are some noteworthy statistics highlighted in the Annual Report.


Local Art Exhibits Hosted


Social Impressions


Events Hosted

Project Timeline

May 2023

July 2023

July 2023

September 2023

Film and edit a testimonial video featuring one of GPEC's locates from FY23, aiming to authentically highlight the underlying purpose of GPEC's mission: "to attract and grow quality businesses and advocate for Greater Phoenix's competitiveness." Tyson Hill and I were responsible for the complete production and editing process.

Crafted by GPEC's skilled Research Analyst, Jairus Gallegos, this innovative and dynamic interactive map serves as a valuable tool for viewers seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the companies that GPEC has successfully brought to the region.

Interactive Map.png

My focus on this project was to craft a compelling website layout, strategically designed to captivate the viewer's attention and guide them through GPEC's accomplishments for the year in a visually appealing manner. Jessica Daley, GPEC's digital marketing director, played a key role in gathering and curating content and statistics to be prominently highlighted on the site.

I had the pleasure of presenting the final design to GPEC's 80+ board members at the annual board retreat. I received great feedback from both the board and GPEC's leadership team.

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